Visualize Yourself With More Hair Lieberman & Parikh’s FREE Hair Simulation Tool

Getting a hair transplant is a financial, emotional and time investment for patients, so it is no surprise that many patients want to see how more hair would affect their appearance before taking the plunge.

While a FUE transplant is an investment, the procedure also has a very high patient-satisfaction rate. 96% of patients who reviewed FUE on Real Self last year, said it was “worth it.”

For all the patients who could use an image to visualize themselves with more hair, Lieberman & Parikh Center For Hair Restoration now offers a FREE hair visualization tool.

See Yourself With More Hair

Look for the orange button in the lower right-hand corner of our homepage that will take you to the too. Then, simply select the type of hair loss that you have (hair loss, receding hair line, overall thinning or diffuse thinning) and upload a photo that clearly shows your areas of hair loss.

Within 15 minutes, your simulated before and after photos will be ready to view!

It’s important to note that the photo of you with more hair is simply an estimation of what you may look like and not an exact match. For many people considering a NeoGraft hair transplant, our free hair visualizer is an invaluable tool that helps patients determine if filling in their hairline or thinning hair with more hair is the right next step.

Access the free hair restoration tool to see yourself with more hair or give our Palo Alto office a call at (650) 332-8105. We’re also available for via email for answering questions or concerns.